We are R2 Certified

R2 Certified

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Electronic Waste Recycling
Services in Delhi

GreenTek Reman is an ISO and OHSAS certified authorized recycler.

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IT & Mobility Asset Disposition

IT Asset Life Cycle Management

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Reverse Logistics

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A Complete E-waste Management Solution Provider

Solution for
Original Equipment Manufacturer

GreenTek Reman offer various services to our OEM clients which includes ITAD, E-waste recycling, reverse logistics and many other services.


GreenTek Reman(GTR) is providing e-waste collection and recycling services to its corporate clients.In addition to e-waste recycling, we also provide IT Asset disposition services to different Corporates.


GreenTek Reman collects various clients returned, damaged, faulty products delivered by our e-commerce clients and process, remarket them to maximum the utilization of that product.

Solution For
Logistics &

GTR sign up a contract with various logistic companies to collect their mismatched inventory, carton damaged and unclaimed inventory.

About GreenTek Reman

GreenTek Reman Pvt. Ltd carry a rich history which we have inherited from our Parent Organization i.e. Computer Junction Pvt. Ltd. We as the “GreenTek Reman” brand was born in 2012 looking at the repressiveness of formal recycling for e-waste in India. This is when we brought in a technology of ‘Metal Recovery’ and enhanced our service offering from Rentals, Maintenance, Infra Management and now E-Waste Management.

Our Offerings

IT and mobility asset disposition

GTR can help you in managing the end-of-life processes of your assets, whether you’re looking to deploy, redeploy, dispose or recycle !!

E-waste Recycling & Metal recovery

E-waste is End-of-life electronics and electrical gadgets. GreenTek Reman offers e-waste disposal services for EoL products.

Reverse Logistics

GreenTek Reman helps various e-commerce companies, OEM's to inspect their damaged, EOL(end of life) and customer return inventory and collect the reusable parts before processing them finally.

Extended Producer Responsibility

All electrical and electronic manufacturing and import companies has to follow e-waste compliance known as EPR. We help our clients to meet those compliance.

Why Choose Us

  • Most comprehensive E-waste management SOP
  • Focus on 3R mantra
  • Environment friendly recycling with zero dumping
  • Data sanitization for complete data security
  • Low cost high quality and value refurbished systems
  • Accountability for assets
  • Transparent and secured systems and processes
  • Pan India Logistic Network for timely pick-ups
  • Carbon footprint reduction

Our Clientele