Dispose obsolete IT equipment in safe and ecologically manner.

IT & Mobility Asset Disposition

GreenTek Reman can help you in managing the end-of-life processes of your assets, whether you’re looking to deploy, redeploy, dispose or recycle !!From removal and recycling of obsolete/old equipments to installation of brand new hardware, GreenTek Reman tailors each deployment program to suit your requirement

IT Asset Disposition(ITAD) is required when:
  • The equipment is no longer working and cannot be salvaged.
  • The equipment no longer supports your current needs.
  • The equipment is old and no longer meets company standards.

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Solution for Industry

IT hardware requirments of corporate companies changes as per their projects, greentek reman

GreenTek Reman assists OEM to fulfill their extended producer responsibility. We process and refurbish their EOL and outdated equipments for maximum utilization.

Features of ITAD

  • Asset Management Responsibility
  • Value Add Technical Inspection
  • Low Cost Returns Management
  • India-wide Network and Pick Up Solutions
  • Sophisticated refurbishing process
  • Highly Secure & Transparent Systems
  • Best in Class IT Systems for information flow
  • Reverse Supply Chain Logistics Services

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